For many people, there’s not even such a profession like Software Engineer… In fact, there are only Computer Engineers, those guys that kindly fix their computers every time they do something wrong. Who would have thought that there is something like Software Engineering? Well, NATO did back in 1968!

So, what is Software Engineering? (taken from Wikipedia)
Software engineering is the application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software.
The term software engineering was popularized during the 1968 NATO Software Engineering Conference (held in Garmisch, Germany) by its chairman F.L. Bauer, and has been in widespread use since. The discipline of software engineering encompasses knowledge, tools, and methods for defining software requirements, and performing software design, software construction, software testing, and software maintenance. Software engineering also draws on knowledge from fields such as computer engineering, computer science, management, mathematics, project management, quality management, software ergonomics, and systems engineering tasks.

My definition – in plain English
Software Engineering is the discipline that given a real world problem finds a solution, usually in the form of software, for it.

Anyways, given that Software Engineering encompasses a variety of different (but complementary) fields of study, the truth is that when in the top of their careers Software Engineers will have a vast experience and know how in more disciplines than any other Engineer. And this is what makes us Software Engineers different from all the others.

I’m looking forward to complete this definition with your own thoughts and suggestions.


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