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Web 2.0

Common Client-Server web applications no longer fulfill user demands on distributed applications. In fact, with current networking infrastructures, the usage of Standard Client-Server applications does not only slow down users intentions – resulting in loss of context, it also forces users to follow a rigid workflow if they ever want to get things done.

As a result of new user needs relating web applications, a new concept emerged – The Web 2.0. Web 2.0 applications, also know as Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), are emerging. These applications make use of a variety of techniques, such as Web services, Asyncronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax), Flex, Really Simple [Web] Syndication (RSS), and others to break the rigid workflow created by standard Client-Server infrastructures.

Since its first days, web has been evolving. Web 2.0 is the third (and current) stage of that evolution process that started with Web 1.0.

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