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New to Drupal… Lets get started!

As I told in the previous post on this subject, the best way to learn Drupal is installing and playing around with it!

But before we start, how about creating an account at I think that’s a pretty good idea!

Let’s go then…

Installing Drupal (version 6.6 at posting time)

In won’t go into details about how to install Drupal, all you need is PHP (I’m with PHP 5, MySQL or SQLite, and of course, a web-server). If you are thinking about running Drupal in localhost you’ll be more than happy with the amount of videos and tutorials on how to do this installation (WAMP on a windows Machine, MAMP on a Mac and LAMP if you’re with Linux. (never mind if all the links are leading you to the Lullabot website… It’s just that I like them a lot 😉 )

In my case I have Drupal running with WAMP on my local machine. Continue reading ‘New to Drupal… Lets get started!’


New to Drupal… Where to go? How to start?

If being a newbie is so much (not) fun where should I start?


  1. (I won’t even try to describe this website… 🙂 )
  2. (Well, Lullabot was my starting point… You wouldn’t wanna miss the Lullabot Podcast series…)
  3. | (Both your Drupal modules bibles!)
  4. (View and experience the power of Drupal!)
  5. (Another source of inspiration! Bob’s video podcast series is a must see…)
  6. (Yep… it’s really a dojo 🙂 )
  7. (Another very good source!)

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First Steps Within Drupal

Today was my 3rd day using Drupal…

As you might know, Drupal is an Open Source Content Management System… Well, Open Source AND Free (very important) and with this very active community (my first drupal install was version 6.2 just a few months ago while my current version is 6.6 (by few months I mean no more than four!).

First of all… My first steps: Continue reading ‘First Steps Within Drupal’

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