Born in La Guaira, Venezuela, Lucas Pereira moved to Madeira Island when he was 8 months old. Madeira is a Portuguese Island in the Atlantic Ocean, 500 km from Morroco and 900 km from Lisbon (see Madeira Live, see where Madeira is Located).
Lucas Pereira holds both a BEng and a MEng in Informatics1 from the University of Madeira (2007).
His current interests involve, mostly, open source CMS / CMF such as Drupal and Umbraco. Lucas Pereira is also into the Flex / AIR. Other interest include Human Computer Interaction (if building functional software is hard, making it usable and functional is even harder! ), data visualization techniques (data visualization was a big part of Lucas Pereira’s MEng thesis) and Open Source Business Intelligence.
Some other “attention grabbers”: smart(er)phones (IPhone,Symbian, Android and Blackberry), XSLT 2.0, Ruby on Rails, Python and Agile Software Project Management Methodologies and most recently Google Web Toolkit.

While not working (or geeking around), Lucas Pereira likes to hang out with friends and drink the famous poncha, going to the movies, practicing (but mostly watching) sports, he is an unconditional FC Porto fan, and lots of other things that normal people like to do…

Feel free to see my resume!

So, if you are considering hiring someone that likes new challenges and is highly pro-active…

  1. In Portugal and other countries informatics engineering (sometimes also referred as informatics and computers engineering) refers to computer science and software engineering whereas electro-technical and computers engineering refers to computer engineering.


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