The second after getting my degree my dreams were all about conquering the world. But conquering the world proves to require much more knowledge….

Hence, I believe that the best way to face such a situation is to learn even more and try to stay ahead of the wave! As one of my teachers would say – The more instruments you can play, the better chance you have to became part of the band!

In this blog I will be presenting some of my thoughts and ideas in the different areas of Software Engineering and try to show, in a different perspective, what Software Engineers are and what they do.

Since Software is always changing I believe that I will have plenty of things to write. And, although I defend that Computer Science books are worthless if you don’t get your hands on the job, I will be reading a few so you can expect lots of references to all kinds of books!

This blog is my way to conquer the world, or at least get the world to know me!


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